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Pandemics of the world and what we can do together to stop them

 Have you ever wondered if a plague has happened during the prophet Muhammad’s life? Or have you ever wondered how a vaccine is made? Or maybe even you have ever wondered if you can actually eradicate a virus from existence? You will find the answers in this presentation. As you can tell from the title, our presentation will be about pandemics and diseases. We will talk about the things we mentioned above plus more like Zika, Ebola and the Black Plague. The first thing we need to talk about are the sustainable development goals. The goals talk about the 17 problems of the world. There are 4 goals that relate to this topic. The first one is the Poverty goal   

The reason the Poverty goal is here is because people who can’t afford a shot or a vaccine are people who have a higher risk to get sick and if someone in poverty wouldn’t be able to go to the hospital and get treated

Central idea

The health goal is here because the goal is talking about having good health and being safe when it comes to diseases and pandemics.

The education goal is here because pandemics can affect the education as you can see today. People are now doing online school and people who have no electricity at home aren’t able to go to online school.

 The water goal is here is because of people drinking dirty water. If people are drinking dirty water then there is a chance that they will get sick.

Pandemics change the world by impacting public health 

  تُغَيِّرُ الْاَوْبِئَةُ الْعَالَمَ مِنْ خِلَالِ التَّأْثِيرِ عَلَى الصِّحَّةِ الْعَامَّة 

LOI #1

                                    COVID & COVID variants                   

In this week, we learned about COVID. We learned all about COVID, including it’s two other variants of it, SARS and MERS. We learned its symptoms and it’s place on the scale of dangerous pandemics and   whether COVID is bad or good on some points even though on the outside, it’s bad. 

LOI #2

                                   Pandemics of the past and their effect on the world

  This week we learned about older pandemics including how the Black plague killed millions of people, how a virus can mutate to take over the body,  interesting facts about Malaria,  the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic.

LOI #3

                                     The societal response to pandemics

This week we learned about vaccines including  whether vaccines are safe or dangerous, about anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, a show called “Plandemic” and we learned about the vaccines of different diseases like Measles and Covid-19. 

What is a pandemic?

Before we talk about our research, we need to quickly explain what a pandemic and an epidemic is. A pandemic is a global problem that is happening because of a virus. An epidemic is similar but the only difference is that an epidemic is in only one geographical area. COVID was an epidemic at first, it started in Wuhan, China in 2019. 

COVID vaccine